New Meditation Blog is Live!

It is live!! My new blog about meditation is now live. I decided to launch this project because I wanted to write about my journey on finding my inner self. The blog is a little bit of work in progress yet, but it will be fully functional very soon. I started this blog to write about my journey and what I am learning during this journey. I just felt the need to share it.

As I say in the blog, I am not a guru and neither a meditation teacher or something similar. Neither is a blog aimed at make money, I have a beautiful full time job (news coming!!) and I am very happy with it.

But I consider this blog my little joy. I am very happy to have started this blog. The name of the blog is cosmic meditations, the reason is explained in the article :smile:.

I also started a newsletter, just in case someone wants to be updated. There are no ads, no dvd or online courses to buy. The purpose of the blog is far away from making money :smile:

I have other plans too, but I will reveal them slowly once I start putting them all on place. For now I invite you to read the introduction and the first article, I promise I will try to write at least one article a day.

So, welcome to Cosmic Meditations!