Beauty is not what your eyes see, beauty is what your heart feels

New York City, Brooklyn Bridge. Summer 2017
Life changes when you learn to look with your heart. Photo by Pixabay

You can see the real beauty of a person only when you look at her/him using your heart.

When we love someone is our heart that tells us that she is the right one, it’s not our eyes neither our brain. We must look with our heart and trust him. The quote “listen to your heart” should be changed in “look with your heart”, because this is not about listening, is about feeling.

When you learn how to see with your heart, the world changes. You start seeing things like they really are. But learning to look with him takes time and it needs experience. A lot of time this kind of experience is painful, but we have to accept it and keep trusting our heart.

Until one day, you understand what that means. It is never too late to understand it. It just takes time.

The price we pay for not taking 100% responsibility of our experience is that we cannot change it.