Escuchame y vive feliz - by Mario Salas

New York City, Brooklyn Bridge. Summer 2017
Escuchame y Vive Feliz, by Mario Salas. A book full of wisdom, peace and love

As you can guess from the title, this book is in Spanish. I wish I could translate it butI do not have any contact with the family or editor of this book.

Anyway if you are learning Spanish it would be a good exercise. The book uses a very simple language, and this is what I really like about it.

It is written by Mario Salas, which was one of the Gran Maestro of the Hispano/America lodge of the Rosicrucian. But don’t worry you don’t need to be a Rosicrucian neither be religious to read this book.

This book is all about some simple principle that we can follow in our life to live happy. Is the first book that introduced me to the concept of eternal universal love, and hard to believe it, I never looked for the book but he rather found me.

The wisdom expressed in this book is amazing, more amazing is the simplicity of the words, easy to read and understand by every one. From positive thinking to finding your harmony with the nature, this book is written for those who are looking for happiness in a world where basic principles and feelings are lost, taken out by the materialism.

I love when he suggest to go in to the nature with barefoot, to feel the power of the nature in our body. This is just one of the simple expressions used in the book.

As said, this is not a religious book, there is no need to believe in the Rosicrucian teaching to read and enjoy the book, the only limit is the language, Spanish, as is the native language of the author. But really, if you can read it just do it. It is an amazing book, it might not be a best seller but is indeed one of the best book on happiness and inner peace I have read in my life.

The chapter are easy to read and to assimilate, I read many parts at least once a day. One of my favourite part is when he talks about Meditation and he makes the example of feeling like an Astronaut.

“Imagine you are an astronaut, inside a bubble. Close your eyes and let this bubble take you up, over the sky over the earth. Now look down and see all the people, the world. Send them your thoughts of love and peace”.

Another chapter that I loved is the chapter about love. Not the classic, materialistic love, we (think) feel every day. Not the one between women and men, neither the one we feel for our relatives or friends. This is a universal love, given in to the universe, in to the cosmic. A type of love that makes you feel good, that gives you happiness and inner peace.

I read this book several times, and I love it. As he points out :

Love is the fundamental principle of the creation of life. We must not live without it, even if we don’t believe in it.

Every chapter is a gem of wisdom, with simple word Mario Salas will bring inside you a feeling of peace, love and make you understand what it really matters in our life, taking out this materialistic view of the world and helping you to enter in to the real world, the spiritual world.

When he talks about God, he is not talking about the one we use to know by our religions, but rather the one that resides in our hearts and that, at least many of us, never listen to it.

Finally I want to leave you with one of his wise paragraph.

When we are born we cry, while every one is happy. But when we die, every one around is crying. But we need to be happy. Because we have reached our inner peace, and we know we lived the life we wanted. Death is just a transition, a temporary passage in to a new, better life.

This book from Mario Salas is simple and yet incredibly inspiring, I bring this book with every day in my kindle as it has quickly become one of my favourite book.

You can read the book for free here