Welcome to my Lab!

This is my playground, my projects and everything I do as experiment. Most of my public code is on BitBucket . If you find some of this code useful for you and want to use it, go ahead and do it!

My Blog

The source code of my blog, powered locally by Jekyll.


Script for taking screenshots of responsive web design
Kaidan is a casper script that takes a list of Url and viewports and takes a screenshot of each url for each viewport. #RWD.

Save My Links

An app built in angular js for save links from the web,
Save my link is an app that I built while exploring the MEAN stack and learning angularJs. Is still a bit of work in progress.

Switch Mixin

Switch Buttons Sass Mixin
A complete mixin for create IOS and Material stylish switch buttons.

Circular Menu (Path, Up24)

Circular menu like inspired by Path and Up24
Circular menu inspired by Path.

Off Canvas with Css

Off canvas with css and the :target selector
Off Canvas with only css using the :target pseudo selector.

Menu icon Morph

Menu icon Morphing
Simple menu icon morphing using svg, snapSvg and css transform