Me, myself and I.

24th of September 1977 : Born in the beautiful, sunny and always smiling south of Italy. I remember once I saw the snow and they wrote about it in the newspapers.

24th September 1993 : Something happened, my life changed forever.

8th of January 2008 : Moved to Barcelona. Started working in an international environment. I fell in love with Spanish culture, and I could not avoid to become a Barca fan, even my little cat was called Messi :-)

8th of August 211 : Moved to the Netherlands. Lived in Amsterdam, Utrecht and now Delft. I cannot get used to the weather. Amsterdam in my opinion is overrated, Utrecht is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

13th of June 2015 : Moved to Andalucia, Spain. I missed Spain so much so when I had the opportunity I moved back to where my heart belong.

Study : I did not go to any university, but I asked a lot of questions to Google, he's always been open to help me. Once I learned english I could not stop asking questions.

Work : Front end developer with a love for Design and Typography. I work for WilliamHill, the number one site for gambling online. I am in love with CSS, and in a open relationship with Sass. But sometimes I betray them for Sketch. Javascript is a good friend of mine (\m/).

Life, fun, hobbies : I like cooking, travelling and learning new languages. I am trying (with no results) to learn japanese, dutch and german. I do speak spanish, catalan, english and Calabrian. I also play a electric guitar with my Ipad and trained for some years in muay thai. I never watched starwars or lord of the ring, I don't drink red bull and I do most of my job during the day, so in the night I can deal with my sleep disorders. Trying to conduct a healthy life, and make my little nephews happy every time I see them.

Social Life : I'm not that kind of (online) social guy (meet me offline I'm better!), but Twitter is my favorite one, but I also use Facebook and G+ (well sort of ..). You can also drop me a line at antonio[at][antoniofullone].com